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You are NOT weird

Ok, I just felt to write(vent).  There are going to be times when folks will look at you weird for trying to better your situation.  You may be trying to saving money for your kid’s college or trying to make a little extra money to pay off bills or save for the great trip to some tropical locale.  Maybe you are trying to lose weight because you had an “eating vacation”   Maybe it’s time to tighten the ship to get you back on the road of  your personal success.

Don’t let what others think deter you from your goals.    You are not weird for striving for improvement in your life.  Isn’t that life is about.  You live, you have some success and some failures, you learn from the failures and you go on with life!

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Roasted chicken with asparagus Birthday Salad


Wanted to stay smart for lunch because I will be eating cake. I have denied myself cake for awhile now and this is my guilt free day of cake.

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Thought of the Day

“Transformation is not the end of the journey but the present activity.”

— Jillian Michaels.

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Now I lay me down to rest… hiatus on running will be a week old tomorrow.  I haven’t run since my 1/2 marathon on May 5.  This hiatus was purpose.  I almost want to take another week.   I wanted to just rest.    Yes, I wanted to sleep in a little and not be sweaty or achy.  Surprisingly, I was a little achy.  I know it’s expected after a run but not by Day 5 of recovery.  I guess that’s my age showing?  Sigh.

I had been going hard with the training for 17 weeks straight.  I had one hiccup with being sick for 4 days but that’s it.  I haven’t not run in over a week since I started in May of 2010.  I read in Runner’s World mag this great article about taking a break. I did walk with BusyKid #1.

Sometimes in all the busyness you just need to give yourself a break.

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Take advantage of the day

Busy Women, the weather is gorgeous where I live.  Take advantage of the weather and use take a well deserve does of “me time.”

Yes you have that to do list and it’s the weekend but don’t forget to enjoy the day.  Sundays are known as a day of rest for a reason.  IF YOU WANT CLARITY OF THOUGHT AND MENTAL STRESS RELIEF.  Take a couple of hours or you.  Go for a walk and listen you favorite tunes.  Your list will still be there.

Now log off and enjoy the day!


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