Chunky Girl’s Guide to Running Series: “Running? You’re doing it WHAT?!

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This is an online series on my adventure in ½ marathon training.  I am trying to help folks who are considering doing a ½ marathon because chunky girls can do it too!!!   I was amazed by the support and reaction to it so I thought I share some thoughts and hopefully serve as an inspiration.    I have a good 50lbs to lose and yet I did it,  13.1 miles in the bank.

When I told folks I was training for a ½ marathon I got the following reactions:

  • Incredulous: quick subtle scan of me head to toe and playing it off, smiling and saying, “Wow, really.”
  • The obvious: “Girl, are you serious?”  or “Girl, you are crazy.”
  • Questionable: “You’re a runner?”
  • The positive:  “That’s great! You’re so inspirational.”
  • Wonderment: “I don’t know how you do it.”

Yes, there’s always some education that need to happen so I fire off some quick responses:

  • Informative: “Yes, there’s about 10 of my running friend and I training for a race on <insert date and time>
  • Research:  “Most runners are not you typical lean Olympian.   They are like you and me.”
  • Age defying: “Average runner’s age is in the 40s.”
  • Defensive: “It’s a great way to get rid of a lot weight.”  (Not really but more on that later.)
  • Inviting: “Yeah.  You wanna do it.”
  • Credibility response: “Yeah, well I’ve done a number of 5Ks and 10Ks so it’s my next challenge for myself.”
  • Inspirational:  “I’ve seen other women do it, so why not me.”

Use these responses when you set that goal for yourself.

ChunkyGirl Mel

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