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When you’re busy you can make some stupid financial mistakes because you’re either trying to find time or get behind in time. You can also become too busy because you’re managing the burden of debt. Let’s find out how a busy person can get rid of it and gain more time!

I have been on a debt cancellation quest with my husband for two years. We have been DEBT FREE except for our mortgage on our house for a couple of months now. We cancelled $45,000 in 24 months. Wealth building is the our #1 focus and coming together to tackle our debt has made for a
happy, stabler marriage. I could not have done it without his support.

So let me share some key points every busy woman needs to know to successfully get out of debt. The journey has been a tough one but I’m here to say it can be done. Even a busy women can get it done.

This series of wealth posts is dedicated into the basic principles of being debt free and giving time, energy, and of course, money back to the busy woman.

If you want an in depth step by step approach I recommend following my guy Dave Ramsey process. The principles are similar to other but his in your face style really talked to the urgency of it.

Debt to Wealth Point #1: Why get out of debt?

You need a goal. You can’t tackle this as a team or as a single person without a purpose. It has to be for you and authentically you. I’m not talking about the peer pressure of your family, church, friends or what you see on the news that should do it for you. The “why” has to come from your core. It’s like weight loss; if it was easy everyone would do it and you and I are/know some chubby people and folks who have debt. For us, it was first admitting that the debt was drowning us. Not literally drowning us but subconsciously it was drowning us. Something just wasn’t right..we seemed to have the American dream– decent jobs, a house and two healthy kids in private school. But our “house” was not in the proper order. We weren’t getting ahead or we would take two steps forward only fall, stumble or leap back.

You’ve got to admit to your debt and your reason why you want out. Hold to that feeling, write it down and journal it so you don’t lose sight of the goal.

Stay tuned for “Get rid of Debt post #2 coming soon”

Now Busy Woman…. get on with your life!!!!

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