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Chunky Girl’s Guide to Running: Why Start? And keep remembering it!

56/365 morning run

Hi there, back for another note about running while chunky.  J   A few people asked me why am I labeling myself chunky and how that’s negative and my reply is I’m taking back the negative aspect of the word.   It’s better than obese, fat and overweight.  I also see the word as more transformative.  You can go from chunky to less than chunky.   All the other words have opposites like skinny or skinny or skinny.  I will never be a stick as God has blessed with thickness but I can strive to be less chunky.  But for now..I’m chunky and doing it!!!

Getting started:  I’m coming up on my 2 year “runniversary”     Yes, I started my Couch to 5K(C25K) program two years ago after coming back from vacation feeling like damnit.   You may be feeling like damnit for awhile but I had the perfect storm of vacation and lovely photos that happened to make the local paper because of my father. (that’s another story)  Here’s the perfect storm recipe:

1)      Eat everything on vacation

2)      Buy cute vacation clothes and believe they make you look thinner because there’s a size bigger.  Trust me,  what’s the different between a 22 and a 20.  Not much.

3)      Have photos taken in said clothes and still feeling good

4)      Get home from vacation and the scale registering 5 extra pounds gain over 5 days, feeling like crap because that’s basically all you eat.

5)      See yourself in photos of oneself, hence the word “damnit” escaping your lips and knowing there’s a newspaper that has pics of you..forever.

6)      Just do something and quick.

I’m too busy for joining a gym besides its June and the weather is nice.    Its summer, kids are out of school and plans are being made.  I decided to put me at the top of the planning calendar.  What was I gonna do for me this summer to not feel like damnit.



I started my research and found what was the most efficient way to drop weight and feel healthy.  I just wanted to feel better, stronger.  I just felt like an accident victim just out of the hospital..weak and not sure when standing on both legs.  Maybe you don’t think you’re a runner yet but that’s fine.  The goal is to just move and keep moving a little more as the days go by.

Google C25K, beginning running, run for weight loss and see what comes up.

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